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[PHP] request for comments : https://github.com/seductiveapps/folderDB (a fully scalable JSON database architecture (currently in concept phase))

my todo-file for the next 2 years.. :)

2016-08(Aug)-28(Sunday) 02:08am CEST

This is a component i need for my seductiveapps.com web-3.0 framework.

It's currently awaiting development.

--- Design motivation

Table data *SUCKS* when making user-interfaces in the browser, development
is too complicated and takes too long, is too error prone, complicated apps
"never get done afterall".. (my experience from desiging a tinymce.com
based version-control enabled browser editor with about 10 SQL tables)..

--- Todo before development can start:
- finish my https://github.com/seductiveapps/webappObfuscator (see
https://github.com/seductiveapps/webappObfuscator/wiki for announcements
for sample output)

- finish user-interface extension for seductiveapps framework;
- allow the user to resize dialogs based on mouse-input; aka drag the
windows larger/smaller when hovering over sides or corners..
- add functions to vividDialog for dragging on sides (multiple PNG images
to allow for glowing notification that the border can be dragged, use
vividButton (full PNG animations with options using a "sprite" PNG image
(sprite generator included in seductiveapps framework (done))).

- internal and relative to the PNG dialog background image resizing of
content is *done*; i already built a small extension to CSS in JSON and

--- Development time

Somewhere within the next few months (see top of this file for last updated

--- Development philosophy

- Use multiple (many) small JSON files using apache2+ and php5+
infrastructure only

- Aggregate JSON that's needed on the client side into custom larger files

- Keep the aggregating logic as intuitive as humanly possible to keep
performance optimal and debugging times down to near zero.