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[PHP] request for comments : webappObfuscator (quality and true obfuscation via PHP for CSS, HTML, JS, and JSON)



I'd like to announce that my webappObfuscator is nearing completion, nearly
able to fully encrypt all HTML, JS, JSON and CSS for my seductiveapps.com
framework (which means it'll pretty much with any as complicated a site as
you have / want, with minimal recoding efforts on you the user's part)..

At the moment there are still some obstacles to overcome before it actually
runs in the browser with encrypted sources for seductiveapps.com (done on a
development machine with few updates to github), which is a bit of a
complicated beast, but that does enhance the quality of the obfuscator..
But i expect to overcome these last hurdles within about 2 weeks..

Then there's some work to a lot of work to be done on the sample
application and the documentation, but the thing is actually fairly well
coded (if i may say so) and self-documented with plenty of debugging
statements left commented out in the PHP..

If you have any comments about it or feature requests, that's one of the
reasons i'm making this post here..

with regards,
 Rene Veerman
 CEO + CTO of seductiveapps.com