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Re: [PHP] feature request : gzip caching

On 27 August 2016 17:52:48 BST, Rene Veerman <rene.veerman.netherlands@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>First off, i love PHP. Many thanks for keeping it free too.
>However, i've noticed that gzipping the 1Mb of javascript that my
>seductiveapps.com needs, takes a relatively long time (measured over a
>total page load time which i'd like to bring down from it's current 10
>seconds, about a second or even more is spent gzipping (by a core i5

Are you building the js each time it's requested? Have you thought about building it as a deployment step for production?

>At one time, i spent time building PHP code that cached the
>content and outputted that with just readfile().. But i never got it to
>work a second time, unfortunately..
Why don't you want the web server to handle the gzip side of things? It would make more sense surely? 

>Could you pretty please add this to the core of PHP? Shouldn't be that
>for the internals team right?..
>Many thanks in advance for even considering to do this..
>with regards,
> Rene Veerman,
> CEO + CTO of seductiveapps.com

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