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[PHP] feature request : gzip caching


First off, i love PHP. Many thanks for keeping it free too.

However, i've noticed that gzipping the 1Mb of javascript that my
seductiveapps.com needs, takes a relatively long time (measured over a
total page load time which i'd like to bring down from it's current 10
seconds, about a second or even more is spent gzipping (by a core i5

At one time, i spent time building PHP code that cached the already-gzipped
content and outputted that with just readfile().. But i never got it to
work a second time, unfortunately..

Could you pretty please add this to the core of PHP? Shouldn't be that hard
for the internals team right?..

Many thanks in advance for even considering to do this..

with regards,
 Rene Veerman,
 CEO + CTO of seductiveapps.com