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Re: [PHP] How to change my readline library?

August 22 2016 1:30 AM, "水静流深" <1248283536@xxxxxx> wrote:
> In my console (os is debian):
> php5 -i |grep Readline Readline Support => enabled Readline library => EditLine wrapper 
> I want to change readline library into `libreadline.so.6.3`.
> Is the way to achieve the target ,not to compile my php5 again,to keep other unchanged?



To use these functions you must compile the CGI or CLI version of PHP with readline support. You need to configure PHP --with-readline[=DIR] . If you want to use the libedit readline replacement, configure PHP --with-libedit[=DIR] .

So, you'll need to compile a custom version of PHP to do so.  And when running ./configure ...   Include the options of --with-libedit=/some/other/lib/file...

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