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[PHP] pass-by-reference Error (old server)

Hello *,

I have updated an old Debian/Squeezy server and now I get an  PHP  error
message and my website does not more work:

    PHP Fatal error: Call-time pass-by-reference has been removed in 
    /srv/..../includes/00_main.inc on line 252

The offending lines are:

249:    if ( $_POST['admin'] == 'admin' ) {
251:    function do_auth() {
252:      if (pam_auth($_POST['user'], $_POST['pass'], &$PAM_ERR)) {
253:        $TIME=time() + 900;

OK, it is the part with "&$PAM_ERR" and I do not know, how to solv this.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in avance

Michelle Konzack        ITSystems
GNU/Linux Developer     0033-6-61925193

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