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[PHP] Many Small Files or Larger Utility Files

I have made a number of web sites using PHP and mySQL. These included a control panel for adding and maintaining content.

I am stepping up and creating a site that will require sessions, private areas and user registration functions.

I have looked at samples and note that they all use many small files. I see that as being difficult to manage.

But I have also looked at the code for a PHP bulletin board. Many, many small files, so I see that it is a common practise. But I see it as complicated and difficult to manage.

For my control panel code I have all the routines, about 10, to process POSTS in one file. It works fine.

Now activity is low, but that will also be the case with my new site.

So my question: Is small, single function, files the best practise, or I am just fine in combing many functions into larger "library" files.

Thank you for your thoughts.


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