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Re: [PHP] Re: Weird error with PHP7: Cannot access property

Le mercredi 4 mai 2016, 17:05:46 Christoph Becker a écrit :
> Apparently, zend_visibility_string() returns "" here instead of the
> supposed "public".  There might be a bug in PHP-7.  To track the issue
> down it might be useful, if you see what happens when you explicitly
> declare the variable as pulic (i.e. `public $initial` instead of `var
> $initial`).  In any case, consider to file a bug report on
> <https://bugs.php.net/>.

I tried and the error message is the same.

> > The other weird thing I’m getting is a lot of errors about using an integer as an object, in most classes using a config member, usually initialized like this:
> >  function __construct (&$config, $dn = NULL, $object = NULL)
> >  {
> >  $this->config = &$config;
> > 
> > Is there a change in the reference system in PHP7?
> Actually, the internal representation of values has completely been
> overhauled, see e.g.
> <https://nikic.github.io/2015/05/05/Internal-value-representation-in-PHP-7-part-1.html>.
> > This worked fine before, and now config is turning to an integer at some point, I’m not sure how to debug this.
> I'm not sure either.  Usually, I prefer to avoid references at all, see
> <http://schlueters.de/blog/archives/125-do-not-use-php-references.html>.

I saw on the session documentation that references should not be stored in the session and I’m starting to think this is the cause of the problems as my objects are often stored in the session.
I’m trying to refactor things to avoid references.


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