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[PHP] Permission problem with Sessions

Hi Gang:

At the college where I teach, twice I’ve had my PHP scripts fail because the Server reports the Session temp directory doesn't have the permissions to write the Session id. In other words, my session_start() fails to work, but DID indeed work!

Also twice, after reporting the problem the techs find the problem fixed before they investigate. It makes me look like I am reporting a non-problem, but the problem does happen.

I know that sessions are generated by the server and stored somewhere (temp directory) and they are the means for continued communication between the Server and the Browser.

So my questions are: 

a) Where does that temp directory reside on the Server?
b) What could cause the problem I’m reporting?
c) What could make this phenomena come and go apparently without anyone doing anything? That doesn’t make sense.

Thanks in advance for your comments/suggestions/expertise.


tedd sperling

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