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Re: [PHP] How to detect if PHP was built with thread safety (ZTS)?


2016-04-04 2:27 GMT+02:00 lj <lj308@xxxxxxxxx>:
> Is there any way a PHP script can tell if the PHP it is running under was
> built with thread safety (ZTS)?  I have some test code that would like to
> know. I don't see any constant, function, etc. that can be used to directly
> check if ZTS is enabled.  The only way I've found is ob_start,
> phpinfo(INFO_GENERAL), then check the buffer for "Thread Safety" followed
> by Enabled or Disabled.  Kind of ugly, and fragile.  Is there a better way?

As of PHP 5.2.7 the PHP_ZTS constant is available for exactly this


Kalle Sommer Nielsen

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