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Re: [PHP] Re: Thoughts Please About Design Strategy for Club Mailing List

You need a better shared hoster. Siteground comes to mind (disclaimer, I do not work for them. I host websites and have mailman available to my users.). Siteground does limit to 200 recipients at a time, but since your list is 40.

You could also lease a VPS and run mailman or phplist. That would also get you cron and sendmail.

Just a couple of thoughts.


On 3/30/2016 12:09 AM, B. Aerts wrote:
On 30/03/16 00:48, Stephen wrote:

I am building a LAMP site on a shared server, Hostpapa, and I want to be
able to send emails to a mailing list. I have build sites before, but a
mailing list is new to me.

Sendmail and cron are not available in this environment.

I will have a table for member data, including their email address.

I currently have 40 members, and expect to grow to no more than 200.

Members will join through a web form, and I want to update the table
with a “pending” status.

Using data in the table, I want to send emails to each member. I am
wondering about load.

Will the PHP mail() function be OK? Do I have to be concerned about

I would like to send a discrete email to each member. Or is just a big
BCC going to work?

Anything else I should think about?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Steven,

be aware some ISP's limit the numbers of mails sent per hour, to avoid mailbots sending spam from their domain. Better check in advance with your ISP what the limits are ( max. recipients per mail, max. # of mails per hour )

Other than that, I don't think 200 members is that big to handle.



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