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Re: [PHP] Thoughts Please About Design Strategy for Club Mailing List

On 16-03-29 06:48 PM, Stephen wrote:

I am building a LAMP site on a shared server, Hostpapa, and I want to be
able to send emails to a mailing list. I have build sites before, but a
mailing list is new to me.

Sendmail and cron are not available in this environment.

Hi Stephen,

Cron may not be available on the host system, but is it available on your local system? You could always have the following running locally using whatever scheduler you fancy:

    wget -O - -q -t 1 "https://yoursite/cron.php?key=BiG-SekReT-KEy";

When sending mail, if you feel 200 would be too much in one shot, store the message in the database and assign an ID. Then have a recipients table with the ID of each recipient, the ID of the email, and a status of 0 or 1 for whether they've been sent the message. Now you have a simple mail queue that can be handled by your cron script in batches of whatever number of emails per minute you and your host deem reasonable.

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