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[PHP] IDE -- PHPStorm

Ryan et all:

To bring an old thread to completion.

Ryan said:

> Hi Tedd, I highly recommend trying out PHPStorm. I was in a similar boat, changing editors or IDEs regularly looking for something I liked. I have been using PHPStorm for a few years now, and I can't imagine using anything else any more. Just thought I would send out my recommendation.

I finally tried out and tested PHPStorm and found it very nice! It works like all the other top-notch language IDE’s I use/teach, namely NetBeans (Java), Android Studio (Android Java), and Xcode (iOS swift). It’s finally nice to have a similar IDE for PHP and other web languages.

While I don’t like the “rent the software” price, its performance is first rate. This IDE meets all of my needs and more.

Anyone else have experience with PHPStorm?



PS: As Ryan said — "I am in no way affiliated with JetBrains software, the makers of PHPStorm".

tedd sperling

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