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[PHP] Re: var keyword deprecation/removal

On 06 Mar 2016 at 08:43, Tony Marston <TonyMarston@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote: 

> "Lester Caine"  wrote in message news:56DAE00F.2030203@xxxxxxxxxxx...


>> expecting the vast majority of users to rename every function ( on of
>> the proposals for PHP7 ) or switch to a strictly typed method of working
>> is simply not going to happen, so I have no problem with people adding
>> new extensions which allow these different sytles of working as long as
>> the underlying procedural style of working is maintained in as BC a way
>> as possible, so things like 'var' and a number of the 7.1 deprecation
>> proposals simply destroy BC with little gain to a pure OO based version
>> of PHP anyway.
> All those who want to work with a 100% pure OO language should stop using
> PHP and switch to Java. Stop complaining about the quirks in PHP because
> there are quirks in every language. Stop trying to make the language perfect
> as your definition of "perfect" does not match that used by others who are
> more than satisfied with "good enough".

Strict typing is something languages should be moving away from. As fast as possible.

Cheers  --  Tim

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