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Re: [PHP] 'Form Builder'

On 17/02/16 00:57, Jeffry Killen wrote:
> In short, it looks like a significant amount of design, coding and
> engineering
> to me.
> This may not be encouraging, but I thought I would offer some
> considerations

What I was hoping to get back was an existing library that someone was
using that already handled at least some part of this. The object is to
get away from hand coding anything since the framework has been fully
dynamic for many years. Form Tools already provides a framework that
allows forms to be opened, shelved, and locked when complete, and that
side works nicely. However I need to be able to validate the data which
Zebra_Form does, but which is not compatible with Form Tools. And
neither of them are particularly compatible with Bitweaver.

It may well be quicker to scrap 15 years work and start again which does
seem to be the way PHP is going these days when perfectly good packages
of code are simply not compatible with one another :(

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