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Re: [PHP] 'Form Builder'

On Tue, Feb 16, 2016 at 11:39 PM, Lester Caine <lester@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Up until now I've been building forms by hand, but making changes and
> new legal requirements mean that many now need updating. So I've been
> looking at the options for a more generic form builder/manager process.
> Adding to the process the need to rework things for Bootstrap3 and
> mobile working complicates things further.
> The first problem I've sort of hit is that all the tools seem to only
> build a vertical stack of fields, which is probably ideal for mobil
> phone entry, but is strange on a tablet or desktop. Does anybody know of
> a allows drag and drop of multiple fields per line? The forms being
> replaced are normally 'A4' pages and while there are options to create
> special fields which will use the whole line, that sort of defeats the
> object of the exercise.
> I'm currently quite deep inside Form Tools (formtools.org) as it at
> least uses Smarty, but I'm wondering if I've made the wrong choice since
> I need to combine with the rest of the framework, and Form Tools seems
> to follow it's own processes which don't fit well with integrating into
> other software. I'm probably not far off having a working package I can
> combine with the User management, themeing, Client management and other
> packages that I'm using in production, but I'd missed that it does not
> ACTUALLY have client side validation which is somewhat essential. Just
> flagging 'required' is not quite enough.
> So is there something I've missed that may be worth considering even at
> this stage of things?
There should be good tools you can find in codecanyon.net, I think they
have several form builders there worth a look.  Plus price is very cheap too

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