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[PHP] 'Form Builder'

Up until now I've been building forms by hand, but making changes and
new legal requirements mean that many now need updating. So I've been
looking at the options for a more generic form builder/manager process.
Adding to the process the need to rework things for Bootstrap3 and
mobile working complicates things further.

The first problem I've sort of hit is that all the tools seem to only
build a vertical stack of fields, which is probably ideal for mobil
phone entry, but is strange on a tablet or desktop. Does anybody know of
a allows drag and drop of multiple fields per line? The forms being
replaced are normally 'A4' pages and while there are options to create
special fields which will use the whole line, that sort of defeats the
object of the exercise.

I'm currently quite deep inside Form Tools (formtools.org) as it at
least uses Smarty, but I'm wondering if I've made the wrong choice since
I need to combine with the rest of the framework, and Form Tools seems
to follow it's own processes which don't fit well with integrating into
other software. I'm probably not far off having a working package I can
combine with the User management, themeing, Client management and other
packages that I'm using in production, but I'd missed that it does not
ACTUALLY have client side validation which is somewhat essential. Just
flagging 'required' is not quite enough.

So is there something I've missed that may be worth considering even at
this stage of things?

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