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[PHP] Re: Ported some extensions to PHP7 - who to contact


Thanks - will try that

Email - yea forgot to setup Thunderbird

On 01/14/2016 01:11 PM, Christoph Becker wrote:
Tautvydas wrote:

I have ported several PHP5 extensions to PHP7(rar, id3, quickhash) and
will port some more in near future(probably bbcode, rpmreader, spl_types).

Great! :)

They are from PECL and most of them are inactive and most probably I
will not be able to contact official maintainers.

So I tried to contact gophp7.org maintainer Lora Jane, but no success.

? Maybe anyone knows who should I contact from PECL, gophp7.org or
somewhere else to at least add link to source code of PHP7 port for
those who might need it

I suggest to write mail to pecl-dev@…, and if there's no timely response
contact internals@….

Other than that consider to file individual bug reports for each
extension which is not PHP 7 compatible (check if there's not already a
respective bug report), where you can point out that you've already
ported the extension.  Additionally, user notes on the respective manual
pages (e.g. <http://php.net/manual/en/book.rar.php>) might be useful, too.

PS: please use a real email address next time. :)

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