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[PHP] 'Huddersfield Functional Index' training manual

.Dear Sirs,

'Huddersfield Functional Index' (Rebound Therapy outcome measuring manual) 2016/17 edition 

The Huddersfield Functional Index (HFI) is the manual given to every Rebound Therapy training course candidate. It is the method used to accurately measure and record the outcomes of Rebound Therapy sessions.

The main Rebound Therapy equipment suppliers, servicing companies and associated product and service companies advertise every year in the manual. 
This is a a unique promotional opportunity: Each manual is owned by someone actively involved in Rebound Therapy. The manual is not lifed in any way so will stay in your market place and be used for many years. 
The exposure to the market of your product or service will slowly build over time as more and more trainers receive and use the manual. Long term I cannot think of a more effective method of getting your message to the very people who influence buying decisions.
This is not a commercial venture for Rebound Therapy; our purpose for selling advertising space is to help cover the cost of producing the manual. 

The 2016/17 edition of the Huddersfield Functional Index (HFI) will be printed in March. 
The print run for 2016 /17 will be increased this year from 1200 to 1500 due to the increase in the demand for training courses. Advertisement costs however will remain the same and have not increased since 2011.  
All advertisements will be A4 full page        Publishing date 1st April 2016              Cost is £350

Advertisers also have their ad displayed on the 'Equipment Suppliers' page of our website: http://mailtrack.me/tracking/raWzMz50paMkCGV3ZGxjBQpkZQtzMKWjqzA2pzSaqaR9ZwV0ZQDkZQZzrKMurUMkCGtlBQLmAwVmBQOB at no additional charge.

If you would like to reserve a page in the next edition of the HFI manual, please simply reply to this email.

Kind regards, 

Paul Kaye
The official UK body and international consultancy for Rebound TherapyT

Responsible for the development and delivery of the genuine accredited and approved staff training courses
With founder Eddy Anderson MCSP Cert Ed

01342 870543

You have received this email because you are a health professional service or product supplier who has previously communicated with our organisation regarding Rebound Therapy or special needs matters. If you do not wish to receive this once a year notification from us again, please reply with the words: NO TO HFI