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[PHP] General file I/O reliability

I'm desperately trying to build a reliable stream bzip2 decompressor, but
until now without much success. The problem is how to detect deconding
errors, which seem to be impossible (more follows).

In the meanwhile, I discovered several issues I was not aware of and
that I wouls share with you, with the premise that all the samples of
code below are run in a very safe environement where even the smallest
E_NOTICE causes an exception:

    ini_set("track_errors", "1");

    function my_error_handler($errno, $message)
        throw new ErrorException($message); 


1. fread() succeeds reading an unreadable file. While fopen() complains
immediately if it cannot read a file:

    fopen("/root/secret.txt", "r");
    --> E_WARNING: fopen(/root/secret.txt): failed to open
    stream: Permission denied

the fread() function seem much more tolerant reading an unreadable file.
For example, the /proc/self/mem file can be opened, but its first 512
bytes block cannot be read and causes an error (credits for this trick:

    $ cat /proc/self/mem
    cat: /proc/self/mem: Input/output error

Lets try with PHP what happens:

    $f = fopen("/proc/self/mem", "r");
    $bytes = fread($f, 1000);
    echo "bytes="; var_dump($bytes);
    --> displays bytes=string(0) "", no error whatsoever

The file seems empty, and no error whatsoever is shown.

2. Also the require*() and include*() family of functions seems very

    echo "read myself!\n";
    require("/root/secret.php"); # just to exsercise error reporting :-)
    --> read myself!
        E_WARNING: require(/root/secret.php): failed to open
        stream: Permission denied

The first require() silently ignored. Bad feeling about safety.

3. Now back to the original question: BZIP2 stream decoding from a given
input resource. Lets start creating a corrupted BZIP2 file:

    $plain = "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.";
    $fn = "test.bz2";
    $compressed = bzcompress($plain);
    // Set a random byte in the middle of the compressed data
    $compressed[strlen($compressed) - 15] = 'X';
    file_put_contents($fn, $compressed);

Now I create the input resource filtered with the decompressor:

    $r = fopen($fn, "r");
    stream_filter_append($r, 'bzip2.decompress', STREAM_FILTER_READ);

and lets see what come back:

    do {
        $s = fread($r, 10);
        echo "read: "; var_dump($s);
    } while(! feof($r));

    --> read: string(0) ""
        read: string(10) "bthes ohe "
        read: string(10) "rpujumr.bt"
        read: string(10) "hes ohe rp"
        read: string(10) "ujumr.bthe"
        read: string(3) "s o"

What?! Why is fread() returning garbage? and why it does not fails with
some E_WARNING telling me that the file is corrupted?  And what if my
program blindly processes these "data"?

Now the big question is: can I trust file access under PHP anymore? If
yes (and I hope so) how can my applications be made aware when something
goes wrong?

/_|_\  Umberto Salsi
\/_\/  www.icosaedro.it

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