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Re: [PHP] Missing something ...

On 27/12/15 16:52, Aziz Saleh wrote:
> On Sun, Dec 27, 2015 at 11:43 AM, Lester Caine <lester@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Still back on PHP5.6 and it's code that has been working, but I'm not
>> sure why it's failing now.
>> Fatal error: Call to undefined method GedcomRecord::getChildFamilies()
>> GedcomRecord is the parent class for the various record elements, and in
>> this case an instance of Person has been created and initially
>> populated, but calls to child functions of Person are giving this error.
>> $person = Person::getInstance($pid);
>> print($pid);
>> print_r($person);
>> Shows a valid $pid and it's base data, but
>> $facts = $person->getIndiFacts();
>> and
>> $fams = $person->getChildFamilies();
>> which are valid functions in the Person class are not being found and
>> giving the error. I'm missing something simple, but a fresh mind may
>> help telling me where to look next.

> What does get_class_methods give you? Does it list those functions part of
> of the list?

Good point ...
Fatal error: Call to undefined method GedcomRecord::get_class_methods()

So Person::getInstance($pid); IS only returning the data rather than
creating an instance of the Person class :(

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