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Re: [PHP] Redefine Funtion

On Nov 30, 2015, at 10:11 PM, Szopen Xiao wrote:

php un-support redefine function, you can use anonymous function implement

2015-12-01 9:52 GMT+08:00 Ethan Rosenberg <erosenberg@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx >:

Dear List -

Thanks for all your help with my previous question.

This works -

     $output = shell_exec('php P7a.php');
     echo $output;

Now another question -

   function SetParameters()

       switch ($_POST['next_step'])

               case 'step1':


       } //end switch
// yes, there are more cases, and I have checked for mismatched
parenthesis and have not found //any.

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare SetParameters() (previously declared in
/var/www/P7a.php:109) in /var/www/P7a.php on line 180


I would look at the code in P7a.php, line 109. This error is pretty explicit:
You probably have a function named SetParameters() defined  in it.
I presume that because you are calling it in shell_exec, it is a CLI script(?)
I would do, in your $_POST processing script:

// then run the function code defined in it, rather than have code run automatically
//it is included.

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