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Re: [PHP] Calling a program

On 11/30/2015 3:33 PM, Ashley Sheridan wrote:

$script_result = shell_exec('p7a.php');

There is a lot of useful information here once you get past the snide
comments at the top.


On 11/29/2015 11:36 PM, Ethan Rosenberg wrote:
Dear List -

Can you not call a PHP script from a form -- action = 'program.php'?
In my hands it does not work...

I have tried the following

include program.php;

later in the program ...


echo "<input type='hidden' name='next_step' value='step14' />";


switch ( $_POST['next_step'] )

     case 'step14':
     }                                }

} //end Switch

The result of this is that program.php runs at the start of the
script, and step14 is never called.

I am totally confused.

If you need more details, please specify.



shell_exec is *not* the right method here. As others have pointed out, it appears there's a lack of understanding about how the PHP stack works with regards to requests and logic.
Maybe not, but it can be done that way. I never said it was correct. The right way would be to write a class and use the methods of that class to do what you need based on the choice made.

Curtis Maurand
curtis@xxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:curtis@xxxxxxxxxxx>