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[PHP] Any roadmap for PHP with PCRE2 version support

   Latest versions of PHP 5.6.15 and PHP 7.0.0 RC7 seems to be using PCRE (version 1, 8.37) and it is compiled by default along with bundled version.
   It is enabled by default and is under ext\pcre\pcrelib\.

#define PCRE_MAJOR          8
#define PCRE_MINOR          37
#define PCRE_DATE           2015-04-28

   PCRE has two major lines PCRE (version 1, 8.37) and PCRE2 (version 2, 10.20).
   Searched archives of few PHP mailing list, however did not find anything particular about PCRE version upgrade to PCRE2 (2-10.20).

   Got only few mentions of PCRE2 through googling on other forums like

   PCRE2 is not compatible with older PCRE version. It seems just using configuration --with-pcre-regex=3DDIR to include external PCRE library will not necessarily work out of box.
   Can you pls confirm for PCRE2 support going forward and any timeline for PCRE2 versions ?

Thx and Regards,
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