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[PHP] Having issues with realpath() and mounted file systems.


The setup is an Ubuntu Mate with a Windows IE8 VM.

The Windows VM currently shares a folder for a Windows only app that has to
reside in a specific location.

We want to be able to mount that folder on our host.

Once mounted, 'touch /home/glenn/mount/hello.txt' operates fine.
(/home/glenn/mount is the rw mount for the windows share). And we can see
the hello.txt file in the folder within the VM.

But ...

php -r "var_dump(realpath('/home/glenn/mount'));"

returns false.

unmounting the drive and rerunning the php command returns true.

The folder has rwxr_xr_x permissions (0755).

I think everything is OK, but I don't understand why realpath() and
associated functions (file_exists(), etc.) all return false.

Any suggestions/reading/etc. would be greatly appreciated.