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[PHP] Allowed memory size exhausted

Getting this error:
Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 103809024 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 523800 bytes) in [...]/html/wp-includes/cache.php on line 113

It is being generated by a script that reads a excel file and then updates a database with the new info.
I have went in and unset all arrays that were set along the way to alleviate to no avail. Got down to 9 bytes once though.
However, my question isn't about allocating memory. I know how to do that server side, but I want to avoid that.

This is a simple order database with fields filled with order info. Nothing complicated.
What I am wondering is what is the best way to avoid this memory issue knowing there will be a lot of entries to go through. 
To read each field from the spread sheet and insert individually? Read all fields from spread sheet and then insert individually?
Any known ways of reading all and inserting all at the same time? Suggestions?


Karl DeSaulniers
Design Drumm