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RE: [PHP] is_readable fails with a variable parameter

> Is this a web based request or a CLI process? If it is the former then 
> see that the web server user/group has permissions to read not only the 
> file in question but also can scan all the directories in the path to 
> the file...

I also thought of that. I read somewhere that the web server has to be in the same group usually as the user running PHP or in some scenarios the same user depending upon how you have your server set up. 

I have tried this on two linux servers. Yes, it is a web-based application. 

The one server I own through a hosting service. I can see that the file is created as 644. I believe the apache user and php user are in the same group otherwise how would the file get created and how would it be read if the filename is hard coded. The other server is not one that I control. I cannot even see who owns the file or what permissions are on it when it is created. I am trying to get time with their sys admin. 

But I will have him check that the php and web server user are in the same group for user. But I never thought of the ability to scan all the directories. I will check on that.