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[PHP] Fixing new problems due to deprecations ...

preg_replace /e deprecated so I put the fix I had in ...

> - 'sort'=>preg_replace('/([0-9]+)/e', 'substr("000000000\\1", -10)', $value)
> + 'sort'=>preg_replace_callback('/([0-9]+)/',  function ($match) { return substr("000000000$match", -10); }, $value)

ERROR 8: Array to string conversion
0 Error occurred on line 440 of file class_gedcomrecord.php in function
1 called from in function preg_replace_callback

It's buried several thousand lines into an import routine but it's not
the first time I've been hit by the match returning an array rather than
a single entry. Can someone point me to the 'modern' way to handle this
rather than just switching off the deprecated warnings :)

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