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Re: [PHP] location of php binary?

On 2015-09-27 10:34, Jeffry Killen wrote:
I am looking at the output from phpinfo() on FreeBSD system with c
shell for user.
(FreeBSD 10.1, Apache 2.2.4, php version 5.6) and am trying to
establish the location
of the php executable that will be used for php cli scripts. I have
not found anything
in the output. Am I missing something?

The command "which php" will tell you where the php program is located.

Another ancillary question is what extensions in the server version of
 php  are available to the cli version; where would I find that out?
The manual doesn't address this question, or did I again miss something?

php -? to get a list of parameters.
php -m to get a list of modules/extentions
php -i to get phpinfo

Is php used by the server the same executable as the cli, or are they
different executables?

It's a php cli program and a shared object/apache module for the server.

Is there a phpinfo() for the cli?

Yes. php -i

php --ini to see what php.ini files are used for your account.

I have been doing some Googling around for info and haven't really
looked past the
bare basics of writing php cli scripts ( and getting the shebang line
to point to the
proper location to begin with)

Looking at the output from '%php -v', it is not specified there either.

Thanks for help in sorting this out

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