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[PHP] location of php binary?

I am looking at the output from phpinfo() on FreeBSD system with c shell for user. (FreeBSD 10.1, Apache 2.2.4, php version 5.6) and am trying to establish the location of the php executable that will be used for php cli scripts. I have not found anything
in the output. Am I missing something?

Another ancillary question is what extensions in the server version of php are available to the cli version; where would I find that out?
The manual doesn't address this question, or did I again miss something?
Is php used by the server the same executable as the cli, or are they different executables?

Is there a phpinfo() for the cli?

I have been doing some Googling around for info and haven't really looked past the bare basics of writing php cli scripts ( and getting the shebang line to point to the
proper location to begin with)

Looking at the output from '%php -v', it is not specified there either.

Thanks for help in sorting this out

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