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Re: [PHP] Is this thing on?

On 03/09/15 19:46, Sean Greenslade wrote:
>>> Haven't you heard? All the cool kids are using Ruby.
>> > 
>> > They are moving away from Ruby to, ehhh, Java
>> > https://github.com/blog/2047-language-trends-on-github
>> > -- 
>> > Jan
> I suspect the code on github isn't a fair representation of the code
> trend of all website backends. Though I wouldn't be surprised to find
> more than a few mysql logins in wp-config.php files tossed up on github.

Bare in mind also that some java repositories have closed in favour of
github, but what would be of interest is just what is 'hosted' on
github, and what is simply mirrored.

http://w3techs.com/technologies/overview/programming_language/all still
says it all in my book ...

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