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I am considering some dev work with node.js. But I am a bit at a loss as to how that would
be used via an established site using php.

I was offered the suggestion that php script would proxy requests to a node.js server* and I am assuming that that would imply using a call to header that redirects a request to a different designated port at which the node.js server listens (?)...... but how would interaction then proceed directly with the node.js server on the same server, since node.js would be competing with Apache or other server at the same default http port? Node.js doesn't seem to have a cgi interface as far as I know, and it would seem that that would defeat the claimed
advantages of node.js

*reply to query sent to author of Apress text on node.js.

The reason for me, of interest in node.js is that I have been devoting as much, if not more
attention to javascript development as php development.

Thanks for time and attention

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