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[PHP] Re: expect_expectl: how to show the part of the stream that itis matching against

Christoph Becker <cmbecker69 <at> gmx.de> writes:
> Have you tried to apply standard streams functions to the expect stream?
>  Presumably, the expect stream is not seekable, but for debugging
> purposes it still might be viable to call fread($stream, 1024) and print
> out the result, or something like that.

Sure, but the problem is that this consumes the output and is not available
to be analyzed by expect anymore?

In fact I tried working with that, by I keep telling myself that if the
expect feature in PHP already exists, it must be usable. There should be no
need to recreate it from scratch.

And indeed it is usable, at least in my previous example, if you write
"break" instead of "$break". Duh. So, in fact, answering my earlier
question, I am just too stupid to use it correctly. ;-) Thanks to Maciek for
the hint.

But still the fact that I can't just match a wildcard ".*" as the "last
resort" match bothers me.

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