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[PHP] newbie question w php - javascript and HTTPS

Hi all,

Newbie question...
I'm having an issue with mac browsers and javascript...

simple story:

1 - If I put test folder on NON SSL site - all works ok
2 - but if I put same test folder on HTTPS site - MAC SAFARI gets/displays data ok but MAC firefox and Chrome do NOT get data

Q: Why Not? How do I fix this so all browsers work?




gets data with this line ....

was this...
$.get("getdata.php", function(data, status){

also tried this (absolute ref)...
$.get("https://mysite.com/getdata.php";, function(data, status){	

and displays data on same page1.html page

MAC safari = works but firefox and chrome do not display data ON HTTPS site but all 3 work on non HTTPS other test site. ( using just this local request = $.get("getdata.php", function(data, status){)

BTW: if I manually go to getdata.php it gets php data and show json wrapper data just fine

Q: How can I test / fix this so all 3 browsers work on HTTPS site?

Dave - DealTek