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[PHP] Re: PHP autoload generator with support for global functions and global constants

It works fine for me!.



Am 29.07.2015 um 14:33 schrieb Jesse Schalken:
> Hi,
> I couldn't find a classmap-based autoload generator that automatically
> detects when a file contains things which can't be autoloaded (global
> functions and global constants) and loads the file eagerly, so I wrote
> jesseschalken/autoload-generator
> <https://packagist.org/packages/jesseschalken/autoload-generator>.
> The intention is that you can freely create files containing any
> combination of classes/traits/interfaces/constants/functions, then generate
> an autoloader with ./vendor/bin/autoload-generator and everything "just
> works", eg you don't have to update the autoload.files list in your
> composer.json.
> Let me know if you find it useful or if there is something already out
> there which does the same job.
> Cheers

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