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[PHP] Re: Query Builder FrontEnd UI Class

On 21-7-2015 17:50, Don Wieland wrote:

Any one know of a PHP Class that will assist in allow user to setup query string in PHP for mySQL.

I envisioned a table where they can compile the WHERE statement with headers:

and_or, field_name, operator (preferably in words), and value.

The table would default displaying one row (with a option to add and delete a line)

The first line would not have an “and_or” menu.

Depending on what field was selected, the “operator” options would update and the “value” would too.

If the type is number and the operator is “BETWEEN” it would have two value fields.

The same with date BETWEEN but the start and end dates would have pop-up calendars for selecting

Booleans would show a CHECKBOX

is EMPTY and is not EMPTY are options in the operator list.

I know I can compile something like this, but was hoping there something open source or donation ware that would save me the work and time.

Appreciate any direction.

This sounds much more like a case for a client-side language rather than a server-side one like PHP. I would strongly suggest looking for a javascript solution for this. You're much more likely to find one.

Other than that, please also be very very aware of the potential security issues you're inviting with this (you generally do NOT want people to have full access to your database. Especially not if they can write their own queries).

- Tul

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