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Connections from mysql8.0 to mysql5.1 - bad handshake

I'm trying to configure replication of a mysql5.1 database master server to a mysql8.0 database server.
But the replication connection will not succeed.

I don't believe the issue is directly related to replication, because any connection attempt from mysql8.0 to mysql5.1 fails as follows.
As run from the mysql8.0 server:
$ mysql -h db5.1server.mydomain.com -u my_user -p
Enter password:
ERROR 1043 (08S01): Bad handshake

Given the following bug report, what I am trying to do does not sound hopeful:

I'm in the middle of a transition from centos6 to centos7. mysql5.1 is the standard mysql distribution in centos6. With centos7, I decided to skip mariadb and use the mysql8.0 distribution. My upgrade path would be much safer if I could get replication working as stated above.

Any thoughts or do I need to accept that what I'm attempting just isn't going to work?


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