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Re: monitoring mysql performance

Am 02.11.2017 um 20:09 schrieb Miguel González:
  I have a VPS Web server (Apache 2.4/PHP 7.x + Varnish 4.1) running with
MySQL 5.6. I have 20 Gb of RAM. I serve Wordpress sites mainly all using

  So I´m thinking of ways of improving MySQL performance and of course
for that, you need to measure.

  Currently I´m checking, there are no slow queries and read and writes
perform well. I have enabled slow queries logging but the truth is that
most queries logged are not slow, they are just slow when the web server
load is too high, so when you try to check those queries at other time,
there isn´t anything wrong with them

so what evidence do you have that it's the database server at all?

mysqltuner would be a good start for config hints in that case

but mostly the webserver load is high because wordpress, joomla and all that crap is terrible inefficient even with PHP7 and opcache enabled and so you need caching in the application - not query results, whole content parts like navigation and so on - parts of the page which don#t change every time and are shared between different pages

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