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restore from Mysql Administrator

I have an SQL file from a Mysql Administrator backup. Database and tables are
encoded in latin1, but the sql file is encoded in utf-8. Fine so far.

However, some varchars have been hexdumped, and strings have been converted to
utf-8 before these hexdumps. When I try to import the sql via command line,
hexdumps are turned to strings again but they are not converted back to latin1,
so restore process fail.

1) Why are some varchars hexdumped?

2) Why are they recoded to utf-8 before hexdump?

3) Is there a way to restore this file via command line on another server?

4) Is there any other tool to restore such file on another server?

Mysql 5.0.67
Mysql Administrator 1.2.12

Thanks in advance,

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