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Re: Ssd vs mix of ssd and spinning disk

Am 08.05.2017 um 19:53 schrieb Shain Miley:
We have traditionally setup our mysql database servers with a mix of ssd and spinning disk drives.

We use the ssd drives (Raid-1) for the mysql tablespace data, and we use the spinning disks (15 sas in Raid-1) for the index data, etc.

I am wondering if going forward we should simply put all of the data on the ssd drives. Does anyone have any information on whether or not we would see any significant performance increase if we made this switch?

I have been thinking about using 4 ssd drives (Raid-10) going forward…and wondering if we should expect to see any improvement in the database performance.

Any thoughts?


CAUTION: only works for RAID1 - not for linux RAID10

if i only woul dhave knwen that 10 years ago i would have my setups with 4 disks on two RAID1 with a RAID0 on top.......

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