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MySQL Workbench 6.3.9 GA has been released

Dear MySQL users,

The MySQL developer tools team announces 6.3.9 as our GA release for
MySQL Workbench 6.3.

For the full list of changes in this revision, visit

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Download MySQL Workbench 6.3.9 GA now, for Windows, Mac OS X 10.10+,
Oracle Linux 7, Fedora 24 and 25, Ubuntu 16.04 and 16.10
or sources, from:



Changes in MySQL Workbench 6.3.9 (2017-02-07, General

   Functionality Added or Changed

     * Support was added for many MySQL 8.0 features. Note that
       configuration-file support for MySQL 8.0 is not available
       and a warning banner is displayed during attempted use.
       (Bug #24908593, Bug #83422)

     * With MySQL 5.7, several new instruments were added to the
       performance section including the following for Memory
       Usage: Total Memory, Top Memory by Event, Top Memory by
       User, Top Memory by Host, Top Memory by Thread, User
       Resource Usage, and the following for User Resource
       Usage: Overview, I/O Statistics, and Statement
       Statistics. (Bug #21491775)

     * With MySQL 5.7, GTID_MODE can now be set online. (Bug

     * Workbench is now aware of the
       innodb_optimize_point_storage option that was added in
       MySQL Server 5.7.5, and later removed in MySQL Server
       5.7.6. Note that MySQL Server 5.7.9 was the first 5.7 GA
       release. (Bug #20661496)

     * Mroonga storage engine support is now available for
       tables. (Bug #20058280, Bug #74367)

     * A new DDL tab was added to show the complete create
       statement of a table or view. Click the table inspector
       (info) button next to the table or view in the Schemas
       Navigator to display the new information. (Bug #19889537,
       Bug #74554)

     * Dropped support for DBDesigner 4.

     * Dropped Fabric support.

     * Dropped support for MySQL 5.1. Minimum version is now
       MySQL 5.5.

     * Changed to C++11.

     * Changed to GTK 3 on Linux.

     * OS X: Version 10.7 (Lion) and 10.8 (Mountain Lion)
       support was dropped. Now supporting 10.9 (Mavericks),
       10.10 (Yosemite), 10.11 (El Capitan), and 10.12 (Sierra).

     * Windows: Zip packages and 32-bit binaries are no longer
       published. The .NET Framework version 4.5 is now

     * Linux: Fedora 23 support dropped and Fedora 25 support
       added. Oracle Linux 6 support was dropped.

     * The option to specify an alternative application data
       directory, instead of the default location, was added.

     * The JSON editor was improved with better parsing and
       error checking.

     * A new Log Level preference (under Others) was added to
       alter the log verbosity level.
       As before, this can still be set by passing in the
       tions.html) command-line argument into Workbench at
       runtime, and doing so overrides the Log Level setting.

     * The bundled sakila_full.mwb model now uses a dedicated
       5.7 version to allow for 5.7 specific features,
       regardless of the version setting in the preferences.

     * Full MySQL 5.7 language support was added, which affects
       grammar, syntax highlighting, preferences, behavior, and

     * The Home screen was modified: the connections, models,
       and starters were split into individual pages.

   Bugs Fixed

     * With multiple tabs open in the SQL Editor, using the
       context-sensitive menu to close all other tabs caused
       MySQL Workbench to exit unexpectedly. (Bug #25466086, Bug

     * Objects sorted in the schema inspector and then selected
       for an operation, such as Drop Table, generated a
       statement for the wrong object. (Bug #25464011, Bug

     * MySQL Workbench supports the option to require a CA
       certificate or identity validation. (Bug #25408639)

     * If a full backup added warning messages to the backup log
       file, then running an incremental backup later failed.
       (Bug #25315796)

     * No JSON tab appeared for the Open Value in Editor command
       if the field contained an empty array. (Bug #25222455,
       Bug #84106)

     * Schema names were not escaped properly in resulting DROP
       TRIGGER statements when a trigger was created or edited.
       (Bug #25036458, Bug #83655)

     * In some cases, executing a query caused MySQL Workbench
       to become unresponsive when the host was macOS Sierra.
       (Bug #25036263, Bug #83658)

     * Having a single quotation mark (') in the text field of a
       table caused the MySQL Schema Transfer wizard to fail.
       (Bug #24978403, Bug #83616)

     * Simple and complex queries executed from SQL Editor
       failed to complete and return control to MySQL Workbench.
       This behavior was observed for both local and remote
       queries and was often intermittent. (Bug #24977018, Bug

     * Deleting rows while connected to a remote server caused
       the connection to fail and for MySQL Workbench to exit
       unexpectedly. (Bug #24947899, Bug #81019)

     * The Selected schema drop-down list in the New Schema
       Privilege Definition dialog failed to display newly added
       schema names unless MySQL Workbench was restarted. (Bug
       #24798254, Bug #83111)

     * The bundled OpenSSL library was upgraded to version
       1.0.2J. (Bug #24753390)

     * Tooltips failed to operate properly in the Visual Explain
       panel. (Bug #24577687, Bug #82816)

     * Deleting selected rows from the Result Grid caused MySQL
       Workbench to become unresponsive. (Bug #24411733, Bug

     * Connecting to the server resulted in the following
       exception: Parameter is not valid. (Bug #24394987)

     * Queries returning more than 1000 rows on an SSH
       connection to AWS failed and caused MySQL Workbench to
       become unresponsive. (Bug #24330588, Bug #82291)

     * Adding a password with the Store in Vault option caused
       Workbench to fail and exit. (Bug #23987798, Bug #82190)

     * Opening a saved .mwb model file with MySQL Workbench
       generated the following error intermittently: Error
       unserializing GRT data string too long. The same file,
       when opened directly from the file system, started MySQL
       Workbench and displayed the model correctly. (Bug
       #23857478, Bug #80017)

     * Query statements executed from the SQL Editor did not
       remain selected when the focus returned to the query
       area. (Bug #23760790, Bug #79580)

     * The schema navigator incorrectly opened a previously
       viewed database, instead of the one selected, after the
       schema filter in the Navigator panel was used to find and
       list multiple databases. (Bug #23760745, Bug #71699)

     * Selecting TCP/IP over SSH for existing or new connections
       caused MySQL Workbench to fail and exit. (Bug #23743373,
       Bug #82113)

     * Changes made with the Options File editor were committed
       to my.cnf correctly, but also generated an error. (Bug
       #23741731, Bug #82102)

     * Stored procedures containing valid CASE statements
       reported syntax errors when created or edited. (Bug
       #23617646, Bug #81932)

     * Graphs in the performance dashboard reported negative
       values when the server instance was stopped and restarted
       during the analysis. (Bug #23103677, Bug #81067)

     * The Migration Wizard successfully migrated the schema,
       but failed to migrate the data, when the data source was
       SQL Anywhere 16 using ODBC. (Bug #22987681, Bug #79140)

     * Selecting too many tables when attempting to reverse
       engineer an EER diagram caused MySQL Workbench to fail
       and exit. This fix sets the permitted threshold to 1000
       objects and displays a warning message when the number of
       objects exceeds the threshold. (Bug #22828056, Bug

     * The import operation failed to import valid CSV files.
       (Bug #22817059, Bug #80472)

     * New connections configured with the Standard TCP/IP over
       SSH connection method failed and caused MySQL Workbench
       to become unresponsive or to exit. (Bug #22728573, Bug

     * EER diagram tables were locked to a fixed location in the
       window for some .mwb files. This fix enables users to
       unlock the tables within the diagram and to persist those
       changes by first changing the size of the diagram (click
       Model, Diagram Properties and Size) and then saving the
       file. (Bug #22722596, Bug #71533)

     * Performance reports generated by the Export button did
       not enclose in quotes and escape any string values in the
       CSV file, making it difficult to read the output when the
       strings contained commas. (Bug #22700858)

     * Check for Updates from the Help menu failed to detect new
       releases. (Bug #22578656, Bug #80074)

     * The Filter Rows value set in the Result Grid of a query
       was not reapplied when the query was changed or
       refreshed. (Bug #22566018, Bug #80050)

     * When running large queries over an SSH tunnel, MySQL
       Workbench became unresponsive. (Bug #22494755, Bug

     * The Export Data operation emitted an unhandled exception
       when the user connecting to the server lacked privileges
       on the mysql schema, but had full privileges on the
       database identified by the operation. (Bug #22478388, Bug

     * Adding or editing fields in the Table Templates window
       for a user-defined template caused MySQL Workbench to
       fail and exit. (Bug #22449752, Bug #79721)

     * Data exported from the Inserts tab of a table in an EER
       diagram generated invalid JSON syntax. (Bug #22381735,
       Bug #79673)

     * Some GRANT statements were parsed incorrectly. (Bug

     * The Audit Inspector failed to initialize in MySQL
       Workbench when the locations of the audit log file and
       data directory were different. (Bug #22277384)

     * GEOMETRY table data failed to export properly into CSV
       file format and failed to export at all into JSON file
       format (with an error). (Bug #22269646)

     * Stopping a query before it finished executing often
       caused MySQL Workbench to stop working. (Bug #22071120,
       Bug #78881)

     * The placeholder row (last row of the Result Grid with
       NULL values) was hidden when new rows were inserted and
       applied. (Bug #22065173, Bug #78294)

     * Saving a reverse-engineered model caused MySQL Workbench
       to fail and exit. (Bug #21980722, Bug #78357)

     * The cost and data process information added to "EXPLAIN
       JSON" in MySQL Server 5.7.2 can now be viewed in
       Workbench. (Bug #21848024)

     * The autocomplete feature did not offer suggestions as
       expected. The CTRL+SPACEBAR keyboard shortcut can be used
       to activate this feature. (Bug #21685267, Bug #78185)

     * Some help text was hidden from the Schema Editor in the
       EER Diagram. (Bug #21630661, Bug #78021)

     * When MySQL Workbench performed a copy-back restore
       operation, it reported incorrectly to the mysqlbackup log
       that a copy-back-and-apply-log operation was performed.
       (Bug #21496475)

     * The require_secure_transport system variable that was
       added in MySQL Server 5.7.8 is now supported and can be
       modified using MySQL Workbench. This variable enables
       administrators to require all client connections to the
       server to be made using some form of secure transport.
       (Bug #21484632)

     * A dialog showing the wait time of an attempted connection
       now displays earlier for improved visibility. (Bug

     * Some routine database operations caused MySQL Workbench
       to fail and exit intermittently. (Bug #21231450, Bug

     * The slash character (/) when used in the name of a new
       connection separated a group from the real connection
       name by default without first notifying the user. This
       fix gives the user an option to keep the slash character
       and create a connection group or to replace all slash
       characters in the connection name with underscore
       characters. (Bug #21158191, Bug #77175)

     * In a query, UNION and UNION ALL statements that contained
       data from different tables or different databases
       returned data in the Result Grid that could be edited and
       applied to the wrong table. This fix returns read-only
       data that cannot be edited directly for such queries.
       (Bug #21046384, Bug #76964)

     * The identifier quote character (`) was missing from the
       DROP statement when an attempt was made to drop the
       existing trigger on a database with an illegal character
       in the name. A syntax error resulted. (Bug #20978108, Bug

     * The property values of a table in an EER diagram could
       not be edited from the Properties Editor. (Bug #20930134)

     * Stored procedures containing valid query syntax produced
       syntax errors. (Bug #20929172, Bug #76761)

     * Some characters could not be inserted into cells of the
       result grid and displayed the following text-truncation
       error message: Inserted data has been truncated as the
       control's limit was reached. Please use the value editor
       instead for editing such large text data. (Bug #20927915,
       Bug #76760)

     * SQL Editor did not permit the use of DUAL in a
       derived-table subquery. (Bug #20800341)

     * When the resultset grid in SQL Editor was set to a font
       type and size that exceeded the default row height, the
       output from a query hid a portion the row content instead
       of increasing the row height to accommodate the font
       value. (Bug #20794106, Bug #76520)

     * The binlog_group_commit_sync_delay and
       binlog_group_commit_sync_no_delay_count options that were
       added in MySQL Server 5.7.5 are now supported, and can be
       modified using Workbench. (Bug #20712947)

     * Russian language connection names failed to load and
       display properly in the home screen. (Bug #20697403, Bug

     * The innodb_page_size MySQL Server system variable can now
       be changed to either 32k or 64k in Workbench, in addition
       to the current options. Support for these larger
       innodb_page_size values was added in MySQL Server 5.7.6.
       The default value in MySQL 5.7 is 16k. (Bug #20661249)

     * Executing the current statement of a query by using the
       CTRL+ALT+ENTER keyboard shortcut (Vertical Text Output)
       partially or fully hid the output. (Bug #20573658, Bug

     * When closing a tab in the SQL Editor, the focus always
       returned to the first tab regardless of the number of
       tabs open. This fix returns focus to the preceding tab
       (to the left) of the closed tab. (Bug #20351753, Bug

     * A valid server connection was required before a script or
       model file could be viewed or edited. (Bug #20326028, Bug

     * Starting MySQL Workbench from the command line with an
       optional argument of a script or model file required the
       absolute (or fully qualified) path name of the file. (Bug
       #20268606, Bug #75305)

     * SQL Editor identified syntax errors in valid statements
       that executed properly. (Bug #20116982, Bug #74183)

     * Font sizes were increased in the Home screen for improved
       readability. (Bug #19982157, Bug #74721)

     * The MySQL Table Editor did not display the name of a
       selected table within an EER diagram when the editor was
       first opened. (Bug #19693466, Bug #74102)

     * Because the sys schema is installed by default as of
       MySQL server 5.7.7, MySQL Workbench now checks for and
       uses it. Otherwise, MySQL Workbench (as it has since 6.1)
       provides the option to install it.
       References: See also: Bug #71207.

On behalf of the MySQL Workbench and the MySQL/ORACLE RE Team

Daniel Horecki

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