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audit trails

Good day all

   I am hoping this mail finds all well...

    I am in need of some assistance please.

    We have a few tables that I need to add auditing information for.

     The idea is that we need to create an audit table that will track
the following on the main table :

       - any changes (updates,deletes, inserts) to the main table

      The audit table should include the following information:

         -- Who made the changes (username logged in)
         -- What type of change (insert,update,delete)
         -- Date of change including time.
         -- if update, which fields were updated.
         -- Query that was run.

        I have tried to get similar examples on the net, however no
luck so far that gives the specific information.

        I know that this would probably be done using some triggers,
however I am not sure on how to get the relevant information (i.e.
user, query,etc...)

       Any help would be appreciated.

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