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Re: a curse on OS sierra and MySQL?

2016/12/02 18:58 ... Martin Mueller:
Alas, running the stop and start commands under sudo makes zero difference. This is a very frustrating problem, and I hope somebody in the MySQl documentation department will take a look at it. It’s  cleary a problem that has been around for years because the Web is full of complaints and tips. But there doesn’t seem to be any convergence a bout a diagnosis or a likely cure. And there is nothing in the MySQL documentation that draws attention to the probem.

In my case, I’m double frustrated because some months ago my MySQL application broke around this problem, and then a couple of weeks ago it cured itself when I somewhat arbitrarily picked up an earlier version of my installation from Time Machine. But after a couple of weeks it suddenly failed in the same way although I had done nothing on the system administration end.

I’m not a programmer, but I’ve worked with lots of programs, and MySQL, which is wonderful when it works, is absolutely the worst in the obscure and poorly documented steps that take you from the code to an installation that works. At least that is the case with OS 10.

Just now I looked at the Peter-recommended page, and toward the end saw references (mcsharry) to sudden change of owner & permission--it sounds somewhat like your problem. Looked into that? (maybe a MySQL bug is involved.)

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