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Re: Mystery error in GRANT statement

> Date: Monday, October 03, 2016 18:39:22 -0700
> From: James Moe <jimoe@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> opensuse v42.1
> linux 4.1.31-30-default x86_64
> 10.0.26-MariaDB
> I have a database named "sma-v4-01". The GRANT statement does not
> like that database name:
> MariaDB [sma-v4-01]> GRANT ALL ON 'sma-v4-01'.* TO
> 'xxxxxxxx'@'sma-station14l' IDENTIFIED BY 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxx';
> ERROR 1064 (42000): You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the
> manual that corresponds to your MariaDB server version for the right
> syntax to use near ''sma-v4-01'.* TO 'xxxxxxxxx'@'sma-station14l'
> IDENTIFIED BY 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxx'' at line 1
> If I replace 'sma-v4-01' with 'sma_joomla', the statement is
> accepted.
> What is wrong with 'sma-v4-01'?

The "dash" (-) isn't really a permissible table name character. If
you want/need to use it I believe you need to use the "backtick" to
quote the name [unless you set "ansi_quotes" in which case you can
use the double quote character].

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