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Re: MySQL Platform Migration

Am 13.09.2016 um 12:13 schrieb Johan De Meersman:
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From: "Ryan Coleman" <ryan.coleman@xxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: MySQL Platform Migration

Because they want to be belittled by european jackasses online.

The thing is, while he has a bit of a rough edge, his technical advice is always solid. What has your contribution been, outside of insulting him, and for some reason, an entire continent?

this guy is just mentally ill and the next steps are:

* starting off-list mails (already happened)
* can't stand the repsone
* add a list-moderator to CC
* setup something in his MUA which send all read messages back
  to me (includig old ones from other lists he reads again)
* can't stand the response to that action
* forwards that responses to my boss
* after having enough of the game and reject his
  envelope asking for list-removal by pretending
  that my server sends bounces to all his list mails while
  in fact it only rejects private email


the reason for that personal hate (statet on a different list) is that repsone from last year: https://marc.info/?l=mysql&m=144526386203911&w=4

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