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Re: MySQL Platform Migration

Am 13.09.2016 um 12:09 schrieb Johan De Meersman:
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From: "Reindl Harald" <h.reindl@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: MySQL Platform Migration

why shouldn't it when the identical software is running?
it's just a bunch of files used by mysql

Little/big endianness, for one, although I seem to recall, and your later mail confirms, that that is not an issue for MySQL datafiles - and Mac has gone Intel years ago anyway.

we discussed this multiple times here

There's no issue in this case; but it's not always as simple as 'same software, same binary files'.

that's why you try things out - takes not longer than write 3 mails and since you don't touch the original data no risk involved

One thing that is worth looking at, however, is users with the IP/hostname of the old host in them - those may need to be changed if the related software is also moved.

Also, some Linux distributions do specific setup - Debian, for one, sets up a debian-sys-maint user that gets used for clean startup/shutdown/upgrade tasks. Both copying over the datafiles and importing a mysqldump from the old db will destroy that user entry, so it needs to be recreated manually afterwards. Other distributions may or may not have their own quirks.

as said copy it to the new machine and you are done - why do people
these days not just try out things, look if it works and when it don't
asking questions?

Eh. Sometimes it's comforting to get someone else's opinion before messing with production systems you're not an expert on


when you *copy* the datadir on the target machine nobody eats your data on the old one away and hence you can try out how it behaves on the new machine without any risk

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