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Re: MySQL Platform Migration

Am 12.09.2016 um 15:06 schrieb Ryan Coleman:
Dear sir,

You do not realize that there aren’t always sys admins on these lists

how does that change the fact that it just works and it did work from day one as described long before i became a sysadmin and that it now works over 15 years from mysql3 to mariadb 10.1.x

and it's pretty logical that it works just because it's a *binary identical copy* where mysqld has no chance at all to know that it lived on a different machine first

Your proven track record of asshole first, kid gloves later drives people away.


Your fight to change mailing lists is one which only you seem to share.

what fight?
what is the point in producing mail copies?


to say it with your words: go away!

On Sep 12, 2016, at 7:27 AM, Reindl Harald <h.reindl@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

first: get rid of "reply-all"o n mailing-lists, you break others "reply-list" button with the second copy which arrives usually faster the the list one

Am 12.09.2016 um 13:35 schrieb Harrie Robins:
It is bad practice to do so in my eyes (and yes that is an *opinion*).
When you advice people, instruct them to take the proven route, as
described in the mysql documentation

proven route?

proven is that you can *test* how it works out by
* hot rsync
* shut down the old server
* cold rsync
* start the old server
which is scriptable to minimize downtime

after that (while the old machine is still in production) you figure out what needs to get adopted in the configuration

then you test your software, prove that everything works fine

in the meantime you can test as often as you want the hot-cold-rsync to refresh the mysql databases from production - and *now you have proven* that everything works

since you have proven that successful you can write a final script which does the sync (over ssh with certificates) a last time, restart the old servers network servioce with a prepared network address and on the new server take over the old ip adress

and trust me: that way you minimize downtime, have a proven *by yourself* way to go which works, is tested and when correct done nobody notices that the machine and undrlying operating system changed

after doing that dozens of times for thousands of mysql databases i know what i am doing and call bad practice ways which take depending on database sizes hours and beware god something goes wrong with your dump

Second, mastering mysqldump should be golden standard for any DBA.
Telling someone that asks for guidance to simply copy around some files
is bad practice as you do not know the level of expertise involved.

the golden standard for any sysadmin is to know where his datafiles and configuration files are stored and how they work together - independent of the software type


On 12 September 2016 at 11:03, Reindl Harald <h.reindl@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
<mailto:h.reindl@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>> wrote:

   Am 12.09.2016 um 10:48 schrieb Harrie Robins:

       Ok let's drop this. Simply copying files to migrate a server is
       not the
       approach to take (in my humble opinion)

   And why?

   When you start with "Get the same release-version of mysql running
   on the target platform" and dump/load what's the point in playing
   around with dump-files when you hava binary datafiles which can be
   used on the destination

   and no - i am not talking about theory

   i migrated a hosting-infrastructure with dozens of servers from OSX
   PPC to OSX Intel and later to Linux x86_64 with just rsync the

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