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Re: MySql Swapping issues

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> From: "Machiel Richards" <machiel.richards@xxxxxxxxx>
> Subject: Re: MySql Swapping issues
> When I monitor the MySQL processlists, there is constantly about 30-35 processes
> and half of them never change simply showing as :
> Connect | 124678 | Waiting for an event from Coordinator

15-ish? That feels like a lot, but then I'm not particularly familiar with parallel replication. Might be normal for your configuration.

> The other half of the processes are queries and inserts and I can see those
> being processed and going off the list fairly regularly.

So those disconnect normally, which /should/ clean up any session memory.

I'm pretty much out of obvious things to point at. Random toughts:
 - typo in some dynamically-assigned buffer sizing (not a lot of those, though)
 - I have in the past seen memory use increase at times when the logs couldn't get flushed to disk; but I assume something like that would become apparent at restart time anyway
 - A memory leak of that size seems improbable, but it's always worth checking the bug reports for your server version or test other versions

Maybe someone else has some more ideas, or has seen similar behaviour?

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