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MySql Swapping issues

Hi Guys

    I am hoping this mail find everyone to be good.

    I am looking for some more info or perhaps some advice on an issue that
I am busy investigating.

    There are 4 databases that I am busy looking at that seems to be
building up memory usage over the course of 3 to 4 days and once physical
memory is used up it starts swapping to the point where even swap space is
used up and the server dies.

    I had a look at the settings and the innodb buffer pool on one server
is set to about 70% of the physical memory and the others to about 30% of
physical memory.

    All other buffer and memory relevant parameters are set to fairly low
values as they were recently decreased with no difference in the symptoms.

     In terms of server and queries, The smallest server have 64Gb of
physical memory and the biggest server have 128Gb of physical memory and
the biggest server database size is about 600Gb odd.

     I had a look at the processes running and there are at best 38
processes running including the replication processes.

    I do not see any other hardware related issues and swappiness settings
have been configured to 1.

    I have worked on so many larger and busier databases with less memory
without experiencing this issue and thus far I have not been able to find
the root cause for this issue.

   The current version is 5.7.13.

    Any ideas , links, advice, etc... will be appreciated.


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