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Show master status - "mysqld_multi" - distribution master

Hi, i have a server acting as a replication distribution master(taking from the real master), with several mysql instances (instance 1,instance 2...) with mysqld_multi script, and many replication filters just to avoid using bandwidth to the remote datacenters with useless data. It's working fine, but when i need to see the log pos of an instance to sync the replication or anything else(for example a delay in the links):

mysql -P instance_1_port -u user -ppassword

mysql>show master status;

It show me the wrong logfile name and position, in fact it show always the same log file name, not the file that the slave is taking to replicate("show slave status" on slave), regardeless the mysql instance port. And "show slave status" on master dont show me the Replicate_Do_DB/ Replicate_Do_Table rules applied in each instance, but everything is working fine.

How can i see the right logfile name/position(show master status) for each mysql instance on the replication distribution master?

Is it a mysql client issue?

The log distribution server is running MySql 5.5.50

Thank you in advance.

Jose Julian Buda

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